2018 Calendar of Events

Simple Fix – Meal Assembly, save time and money, prep meals here.

Friday, January 26

Friday, February 23

Friday, March 23

Friday, April 27

Friday, May 25

Lincoln Celiac Support Group Meetings 2018 – Programs are held at

Hy-Vee, 1601 N.84th St. – Club room, except for social meeting.

February 2, more TBA. Social Meeting, lunch out with the group.

March 3  with Kim Hiser, APRN from Gastroenterology Specialties, “Emerging Therapies and other Medical Concerns”

April 7 with Jamie Kabourek, RD, MS from UNL Food Technology Services “Allergen Labeling”

May 5 with Becky Guittar, RD and Chair of Lincoln Support Group “Probiotic and Health”

Call Becky at 402-467-5505 for more details or email her at bguittar@hy-vee.com

Kids having fun in the Kitchen 2018

February 10  Valentine Decorating

March 10  Eat a Rainbow

April 21 Earth Day

Call Becky at 402-467-5505 or email her for more details bguittar@hy-vee.com