Orange you glad there are so many great options for oranges today?

Kahoa Elementary Students sampling different varieties of oranges!I visited with Kahoa Elementary students last week to introduce them to 3 different varietes of oranges. They were happy to sample and follow the proper etiquette for sampling new foods. We had a contest where they voted for the best- tasting orange.
But first, there was observations and descriptions like “plump, light yellow, and smooth.” We then smelled the oranges. Followed with licking to prepare the taste buds for the explosion of flavor and then finally chewing, swishing back and forth to give all the different taste buds full exposure to the flavors. The students recieved a card to vote for the best-tasting orange and earned a coupon for a free orange at our store.

The contest participants were:
Cara Cara vs. Tangelo vs. Navel

Cara cara was the winner, followed by navel and then tangelo. Many of the kids and parents had not had a cara cara orange. It was described as having less acid, sweeter and slightly pink or reddish tint. Try one soon! It is definitely a seasonal produce item you don’t want to miss right now.

Fresh Produce Tips from Becky:
#1 – Eat the rainbow
Pick a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Each color will have different nutrients.
#2 – Challenge yourself
Eat the MyPlate way, fill half of your plate with fruits and vegetables.
#3 – Buy in season
In the winter, citrus fruits, pears, mushrooms, potatoes, winter squash and other cold growing produce are going to be cheaper, better tasting and higher in nutrients.
#4 – If not in season, consider canned or frozen
You will be able to get these foods year round at a good price with about the same benefit.
#5 – Cool your fruits and vegetables
Refrigeration will often times double the life of most produce. For example, apples on the counter will last 3-5 days but in the refrigerator will last up to 3 months.
Cut them up so they are ready-to-go and place in a snack drawer for kids to find easily.

Dietitian Services Include:
*Complimentary Shopping Assistance *Answers in the Aisles * Physician-Referred Medical Nutrition Therapy *Health Screenings * Luncheon Presentations * Kids’ Nutrition Classes *Scouts Badges
Becky Guittar, RD, LMNT
Registered Dietitian – Northern Lights Hy-Vee 1601 N. 84th St. Lincoln, Ne 402-467-5505

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