Win Big with a Healthy Tailgate

Tailgating is the quintessential fall activity! Whether you are grilling in your backyard or the stadium parking lot, tailgating brings a big crowd with big appetites. You don’t have to spend all day cooking for your hungry guest – let Hy-Vee be your resource for delicious “semi-homemade” tailgate treats!

o Wild garden Hummus (Nuval 53-51) and FSTG multigrain chips (Nuval 43) or whole grain Kashi Zesty Salsa Pita Chips (Nuval 29) or Back to Nature Multigrain Flax crackers (Nuval 37) make a wholesome snack! For a new twist, try Edamame Hummus (see recipes)
o Hy-Vee Salsa and Garden of Eden Blue chips (Nuval 27)
o Hy-Vee Sweet potato chips Nuval 25 or Garden Veggie Chips Nuval 36
o Xochil corn chips (Nuval 28) with Desert Pepper Bean Dips (Nuval 42-58) Or Amy’s Black Bean Salsa with Corn (Nuval 35)
o PB 2 powdered peanut butter for Ants on a Log
o Chia seeds for salad dressing, jams, smoothies, and much more
o Chobani for dips
o Black beans (no salt added) for salsa, tacos, burritos and eggs.
• Hy-Vee Meat Counter
o Pre-made kabobs (think school colors!) with Sesame Soy marinade – (see recipes)
o Buy pre-cooked smoked pulled chicken and spend time preparing your secret sauce!
o Hormel pre-seasoned pork loins are fantastic – ready on the grill in just 45 minutes – they are moist and tender! Try serving it sliced or on a ciabatta roll.
o Whether you grill Hy-Vee chicken or Aidell’s chicken sausages, you can spend your time with the many delicious toppings (sauerkraut, grilled onions and peppers, hot mustard sauce). Yum!
o Sour-dough bread bowl are very versatile – whether you use it as dip or soup “bowl” or grill it with a little cheese – it is sure to be a crowd pleaser. See the Savory Party Bread recipe.
o Bruschetta made with Take/Bake bread
o Pretzel rolls made with New Smart Chicken pure chicken breast slices
• Whole grain ciabatta rolls, Hy-Vee’s fresh baked whole grain hamburger, hotdog, and brat buns are all tailgating essentials! What about a Grilled Portabella skin served on focaccia bread (see recipes).
• Salad Bar
o Make your favorite dip with fat-free/light sour cream or plain Greek yogurt, but let the Hy-Vee Salad bar cut up all those veggies and fruits for you!
o Give your veggie tray some pizzazz by using vegetables for “dishes” – cabbages, tomatoes and peppers cored all make fantastic bowls for dips.
o Gourmet Garden Herbs are a fantastic time-saving find – they are fantastic in dips, marinades and all your favorite recipes! See the recipes for a super easy and delicious guacamole recipe!
o Fruit and vegetable kabobs can be served raw or grilled with your own special sauce or dip. Again, think School Colors (Nebraska – strawberries, raspberries, apples, pears, alternated with small pieces of pound cake)
o Avocadoes for butter substitute or a sandwich spread
o Cauliflower for a pizza crust, rice or mashed potato substitute
o Zucchini for lasagna noodles.

o Flatbread Roll-ups are a great twist to the traditional sandwich. Try a “make your own” sandwich bar, with sliced deli cheese and meats and sliced veggies from the salad bar.
o How about grilled pita pizzas? Again, make your own pizza bar allows your guest to all be satisfied. Your Hy-Vee salad bar is a great source of pre-cooked grilled meats, vegetables and toppings!
o Try fresh mozzarella with cherry tomatoes marinated in balsamic vinegar, basil, Italian seasoning or Italian dressing.

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